Lightning protection for hydroelectric systems 

Everything has its Achilles heal and with most hydroelectric power plants it is electrical storm damage, particularly vulnerable is the head level sensor but atmospheric surges can also damage power and control equipment. 

Nothing will ever protect your system completely from lightning; the truth is that when your electrical surge protection is working then you will probably know little or nothing about it, it is only when it fails that you notice. That said in our experience many hydro system's lightning protection could be greatly improved.

When your system stops generating because of an electrical storm it is important to get your plant back on line as soon as possible.  I stock most common head sensors and offer a quick-response  emergency call out service so that after a lightning strike I can get your system back online as quickly as possible. 

For systems regularly disabled by lightning strikes I also offer a review of existing your lightning protection and realistic options for upgrading it. 

Please contact me to discuss your options.