Electric vehicle CHARGE points


Maybe, like me you are a new and enthusiastic electric vehicle (EV) owner? Maybe you are an established business looking to add value and attract EV-owning customers? Maybe you have had an EV for years?

I install domestic and commercial electric vehicle (EV) charge points throughout mid Wales.

I am friendly, local and inexpensive and an EV owner and enthusiast. If you run into problems the chances are that I will be able to help you the same day you contact me.

Upgrade from your 10A / 2.5kW portable charger (AKA “granny cable”) draped through an open window at home to a modern stylish external 16amp / 3.6kW or 32amp / 7.2 kW electric vehicle charge point.

If you are an EV owner (from new or second hand) you may well qualify for the Government OLEV grant of up to £500 / 75% of the cost.

Please contact me for a quote or more information, or just to chat about EVs!