Electric vehicle CHARGE points


Maybe, like me, you are a new and enthusiastic electric vehicle (EV) owner? Maybe you are an established business looking to add value and attract EV-owning customers? I am now installing domestic and commercial electric vehicle (EV) charge points throughout mid Wales.

Upgrade from your 9.5A / 2.3kW portable charger (AKA “granny cable”) draped through an open window at home to a modern stylish external 16amp / 3.6kW or 32amp / 7.2 kW electric vehicle charge point.

OLEV Grants

I am not registered to claim the £500 Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) Grant, and unless you bought or leased your EV from new the chances are you are not eligible to claim it. If you are eligible please contact me anyway because in many cases I can beat an OLEV quote.

Please contact Jon for a quote or more information, or just to chat about EVs!