Andy Plant's Fitzcarraldo

Sitting in a boatyard near Aberdyfi is a work of art, a 25-foot-high clock.

Built by Andy Plant and commissioned by Walk the Plank in 1996, the curved 25′ high galvanized steel structure was designed to enhance the Fitzcarraldo, the ship it was once mounted on, and to entertain on the hour.

When on the Fitzcarraldo this clock would erupt with whistles and foghorns sounding, smoke would blow North, South, East and West from four jets. The crow's nest would rise revealing more smoke and two spinning gold fish, as they spun faster water squirted from their mouths, spiralling down onto the audience.

I have been slowly refurbishing this clock for a couple of years with next-to-zero budget; it works... mostly, most of the time. 

It has a wireless deaddrop-box installed on it, and a Geocache